Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama Made His Trip About Recognition

Barrack Obama has finished his trip to Europe and the Middle East and recently interviewed wiht Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press. Many people have criticized as well as praised this trip and for some odd reason some think Obama has to defend the trip. Some of this "defense" took place as Brokaw asked him questions relating to issues ranging from economics, to Afghanistan and Iraq. This trip was all about recognition. Some people dont know how to think ahead or stage their mindset to "having" instead of "wanting". Obama essentially is taking the role of President as if it were happening NOW. I believe his efforts were to get people to recognize that he has the ability to handle this position. He said himself, in response to the critics of his appearence in Berlin which some compared to a rock concert, “I could have delivered an exhaustive list of policy prescriptions, but I suspect that 200,000 people would have slowly drifted off. [The point was] to get Europeans to recognize the extraordinary sacrifices that Americans have made on behalf of world freedom and security. And to get Americans to recognize we need partners in order to be effective to solve our problems.” Many people also have their view on one side or another as far the the war is concerned. Obama made sure he made people once again recognize what our true intenions are. "My job as the next commander-in-chief is going to be make a decision-- what is the right war to fight, and how do we fight it?” Obama said. “And I think that we should have been focused on Afghanistan from the start. We should have finished that job. We have not.”
So to all the critics scrutenizing every move dude makes, he is making the moves of a president now..not later. Obama is keying in on issues that we want to talked about, analyzed, and see action taken in finding a resolution. This trip was just what the doctor ordered for his foreign policy preparation and i agree with the plan. I think you better recognize.
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