Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Keep On Fallin....

A fall from grace?? Ya slippin? Here one day gone the next??
FOX News has done it again. I am not totally against what they are saying (this time) but i am not feeling there approach on discussing the fall of todays athletes. They have recently published an article "10 athletes you don't want to be". I think that is a wack ass title first of all. 2nd, there are people who didnt make the list (Plaxico Burress) who should have and some who are on it i dont think are any where near a "bad role model" (Tracy McGrady) compared to the others on the list. Third athletes have been in many struggles in their personal lives just as any other person has, but at what point do you mind your business. Some of these people wont have kids knowing their business if you dont tell it. Now i cant condone an athlete that cheats or uses "performance enhancers", but does "Little Billy" need to know about a Golfer's drinking problem? A Baller's extra marital affair? I say no. Dont get me wrong its boils my blood to think how much money I make PER HOUR and these MF's get 10 times as much PER GAME and they throw it allllll away! BUT at some point i think the media needs to mind their business. Here is the top 10 list according to FOX:
10. Tracy McGrady
9. Sean Avery
8. Marion Jones
7. Adam 'Pacman' Jones
6. This year's No. 1 NFL draft pick
5. Danica Patrick
4. John Daly
3. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens
2. Alex Rodriguez
1. Michael Vick

Monday, March 16, 2009