Friday, April 25, 2008

Can I Live??

Now see i was just about to post some Hip Hop shit and here comes the damn Klan. Three officers were acquitted in the slaying of Sean Bell sparking outrage in Black America. Officers comments show little remorse and plenty of jubilation in regards to the verdict. Understandable to some extent becasue they were facing serious time, however it looked like an award show to me. One spokesperson for the police literally looked as though he was celebrating for winning an oscar. Here are the CNN links:
Papoose says:
RIP to Sean Bell RIP to Kathryn Johnston RIP to Amadou Diallo The list goes on
Change gon’ come No justice, no peace Another black man shot dead in the streets
Make the whole hood feel sad, its sadness But we feel mad, its madness
Mike Oliver said his gun jammed, he the main one 12 year veteran and dont know how to use a gun, think we dumb?
If ya clips was loaded to the top, and your gun jammed, how ya fire 31 shots?
Say you shot at the man, cause you thought he was strapped
But you killed a man cause you thought he was shooting back
Black America, what type of garbage is that
The police academy arming these fools with gats
If your reason was, you thought he carry a gun
That mean you killed him for nothing, cause he aint have one
Im sick and tired of being sick and tired son
Hope change get here before the revolution come!
Patrick Lynch is an asshole, he siding with the cops
He said they wasn’t wrong for firin’ all ‘em shots
He said if they felt a threat they ‘posed to pop
and they should continue shooting until the threat stop
The nerve he got, another word said, they should continue shooting until Sean Bell was dead
Bloomberg spoke, but we expect him to He said 50 shots was unacceptable
And he said nobody know how to feel and be another race
They don’t respect that, they call it haemoth disgrace
Press conference infront of everybody, he responded faster than his predecessor Mayor Giuliani
Some say he spoke it illogically, he got some better manners
but lets see if we get some better policy
Don’t fall for it, its all tricknology
Hope the change get here, before they try to body me
The law states a cop is not permitted to shoot at a moving car
It don’t make a difference if its coming straight at him, cause if they shoot the driver a 4000 pound car could cause more drama
But when i heard Charles Barron speak, I believe he said, “If we gotta bleed, then others gotta bleed”
Five cops placed on administrative leave
But they murdered a father, left behind two seeds
Why was the cops in the club, drinkin’ a bottle?
Why was the 41 shots shot at Diallo?
John Podhoretz from the New York Post Wanna know why
Bloomberg and Al Sharpton still close
I read his article, he question it Why was Bloomberg surrounded by African-Americans?
I guess the loss of a life was imagined
Called Sharpton a race-hating-cop-hater
Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang BangBang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang BangBang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang BangBang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang BangBang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang[x50]

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Anonymous said...

Check out Black Hand's tribute to Sean Bell. They played it on XM the other day. I think it's entitled "Sean Bell". Now, if we would just take the sentiments expressed in this song to the lawns of suburbia and make their worst nightmare come true.