Monday, June 9, 2008

He's The Green Lantern!

Nas and Green Lantern have released the new mix joint "The Nigger Mixtape". Yeah Nas get 'em one way or another. Many people have expressed their views on the album title both positive and negative. Ole' Al Sharpton gave his two cents like he was the cause of the title change, which i dont agree with so im not posting his comments. In fact im only posting Green Lanterns and a link to the mix:
“I guess it shows you the power of Wal-Mart and Target,” confesses Green Lantern about the late verdict. “If that was the case, it’s definitely scary because it kinda fucks with your artistic vision.”
“It’s obviously gonna make the tape bigger and round it out more. It’s actually better for [Nas] because it’s a super-positive song. It kinda balances out any negative comments about him going this N-word route.”


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