Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kill All Rats!!

Ralph “Ralphie” Simms, an incarcerated former Black Mafia Family member, has alleged in court that rapper Young Jeezy received kilos of cocaine from BMF. During the cocaine-conspiracy trial of Fleming “Ill” Daniels, another alleged BMF member, the snitching began according to Creative Loafing in Atlanta.
Young Jeezy’s lawyer Scott Leemon had “no comment” when contacted today (June 14) about Simms’ shocking testimony.
BMF was started in the late 1980s by brothers Demetrius “Meech” and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory in Detroit. By 2005 the organization is reputed to have laundered over $270 million in drug money throughout various US cities.
The accuser, Ralph Simms, was indicted on related drug charges last year in Los Angeles. Simms informed the jury that he hoped to receive a reduced sentence in light of his testimony in the Daniels case.
At press time Young Jeezy had not been charged or questioned by authorites about Simms' accusation.
Now i will even say it is RUMORED that Jeezy was working with BMF. But one thing i know for sure it hard as hell to leave the game, and from what i can tell dude pulled it off. I dont believe for a second as much money as Jeezy is getting he is still involved in dealing coke. I am not even saying this cause i am a super fan i am not really on dude like that but this is foul. If you are in a crew and you have seen trips around the world, a multitude of beautiful women, gold and ice, fancy cars, the best weed in the US, throwing money in the air at shows, you have lived the life and ratting on your crew is some straight bitch shit. I bet you dude wont even get much off his sentence because everyone knows BMF was heavy in the game. Throw the book at that nigga...KAR!!!!

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