Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pray For Me

Rapper DMX was arrested in Miami for the second time this week, after attempting to buy $45 in cocaine and marijuana from an undercover police officer on Friday (Jun 26. He is currently in custody at the Miami-Dade County jail.
According to the police DMX approached the officer, asking for $30 of powder and $15 of weed.
DMX was also arrested on Monday (Jun 22) on a warrant for driving without a valid license, and was later released after posting a $500 bond.
Come on X! I am really praying for X to make it out of this struggle. One thing i can say i know of from X is he is very spiritual so with that power he can still make it. I also know he has alot of fines to pay but i know he's got enough to have someone hit the streets for him. I am not sure whats up with all these MC's getting into the "extra" stuff as far as the drugs. I repeat: Stick to the WEED!!!". This is one of the more stronger MC's and with all the wackness out here we need X!

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