Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shout Out To The Bouncemaster Doo Wop

What is wrong with Dwayne anyway. Got to be the drugs. Smoke it a day. Lil Wayne's only "greats" are as follows:

The most improved MC

One of the greatest from New Orleans

The End

Shout out to the following: Justo,Red Alert,Doo Wop,Ron G,S&S,Action Pac,Craig G,Funkmaster Flex,Kayslay,Rampage,Silva Surfa,Chill Will,Lazy K,Jazzy Joyce,Tony Touch,Kid Capri,Mister Cee,DJ Hectic,Juice,Dirty Harry,Milliano,Hardrock,Gladiator,Ron Stro,P-Money,Envy,Whoo Kid,DJ Drama,Smallz, DJ Screw(RIP),Green Lantern,Famous,Clue,Enuff,Spinbad,Billy Bill,& Weird Science A.K.A.the Protocol(myself)

RIP Runny and Stack B

And Here is a hot Tee:

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