Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Must Have Gotten A Taste Of Agent Orange

Shout out to for this article. I was reading up on dude because he said something retarded before and he's at it again. The whole Down South bites Fuck That! You are definetly not Papoose and these comments are probably why Jay hasn't hollered at you all the way. I told you before when you were talking about "retiring" you cant even see me so burn the road up and quit then. That purple anti gang shit was hot and after that you havent impressed me...I fast foward your shit on that Jay-Z joint. I dont see your vision either.

Arriving from a recent show in China, Saigon came on to DJ Kay Slay's Shade 45 radio show to discuss several issues including current music interests, T-Pain and southern rap, and rumors about Roc Nation.
After announcing, “My shit is 10 times better than all that,” when referring to up-and-coming albums from a handful of rappers (namely Lil Wayne), Saigon gave props to another New York rapper who’s looking at a bright career. “Anticipating? Papoose. I still want to hear what a Papoose album would sound like, 'cause I know what he could do. Your album is gonna be your best shit, and I know what he did on his mixtape. And I ain’t saying it 'cause Slay [is] here, Paps is my man. That nigga’s a genius with his writing level.”
Sure to make some rap listeners turn the other cheek, the discussion turned a bit questionable as Saigon commented on the south’s presence in the Hip Hop community. “It’s funny though, someone was like ‘you trying to sound like a south nigga.’ I’m like, ain’t they biting by just rapping period? How you gonna say I’m biting when ya’ll nigga’s is rapping? This is us, what the fuck are y'all rapping for? They forgot about that, Slay.”
Changing gears, Saigon expressed his views on a rumored Roc Nation signing. “Jay is my nigga. Me and Jay fuck around with more than music…But I don’t know [if he sees my vision]. We haven’t had that conversation yet. What I’m doing is risky. This hasn’t been done since [Public Enemy's] 'Fight the Power.'”
Reported by Edwin Ortiz.

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