Monday, January 26, 2009

Does Kim have a legitimate gripe?

We all know at least SOME of the Biggie and Lil Kim's story. Lil Lim met BIG they had something going on, Faith pops up, BIG falls in love and marries her, and the rest is history. Now Lil Kim upon the release of "Notorious" the movie, is very upset at her portrayal in the film. She went off on the writers and especially Naturi Naughton. But the question i have is, is she justified? According to Kim NOONE consulted her in the making of the movie. Faith states that is incorrect saying that she was presented a script. Her position in movie is exactly what she said she was not to BIG...a "jumpoff". I am not so sure about this either honestly. I know how a man can be and an MC on top of that, but I am not sure if it was THIS bad for Kim. Of course I was not there so who knows. It just seems like she may have been in that position but not quite as drastic as it was displayed, or maybe was not in that position at all ..only God and Kim know the truth. Lil Kim is planning on releasing her own film in regards to her life and interraction with Biggie Smalls.

Faith Voletta Naturi Respond To Lil Kim

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