Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream Fulfilled??

When CNN, Gallop, and the AP conducts these "polls" i often wonder ..who are you asking these questions to? Recently CNN conducted a poll and gave results staing that 69% of Blacks think Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream has been fulfilled. I have to disagree.
First of all i am extremely proud of white America. I would be fake if i told you otherwise. I can easily admit this is the most respect i have felt from a white American in my entire life, thanks to people like MLK, Obama, and especially the Hip Hop culture. However, one element of racisim that has changed has not necessarily changed for the good. In MLK's day racism was broadcasted so you knew where racism was. They were very blunt about it, No Niggers Eat Here..No Nigger We Are Not Hiring..posted right on a sign outside the door. Dont get me wrong i very much appreciate the fact that i have the right to eat and work where i want, but how do you know with that mindset i want to eat or work in your establishment? When you say Dr. Kings dream has been fulfilled i dont think something like Affirmative Action would exist. How do i know who i work for? This is not an era where there are very few Black people who are educated and skilled, we have definetly advanced. Therefore a racist will not always broadcast their views when hiring a minority. If you know that a Mexican will bust his ass everyday, or a Black woman sells more than the average and you are in business, of course you will hire them biggott or not. I had to learn the hard way about a racist in regards to money...some white people dont like black but they loooove green.
Next, as far as the dream, let us not forget Dr. King not only spoke on White and Black Americans sticking together, but for BLACK Americans to stick together. How dare you Black people in that poll say Dr. Kings dream is done! There is still a mass amount of Black on Black crime, irresponsible fathers, miseducation, drug abuse, and an incarceration rate thats out of control. Once again i am proud of us as well. We have seen a tremendous improvemnet in status..but the dream?? Look at our other politicains and so-called leaders! Jesse's crying did not impress me after having a desire to cut Barak's balls off. Al and Oprah's approach to communicating with the Hip Hop nation was terrible. Did you forget about Jerimiah Wright? We need to stop stabbing each other in the back before we can even utter the words "dream fulfilled". That is absurd to think that we are over the bridge when we are barely treading water in our own hood. I have said this before, i feel like many things with Black American can be shared and tackled amongst everyone and some things cannot. Stop airing out our dirty laundry for the whole country to comment on and misinterrpret. If you want an end to the "N" word it will start at home not in White America. If you want real equality you must treat yourselves equal first. Like B.I.G. and Diddy said in the Notorious movie can't change the world unitl you change yourself.

Dream still in progress


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