Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joe Buddens is a Bum Part 1

I am going to disect this Hump piece by piece (shouts to Illseed and the staff @ for the interview) meedymek: “Question for Joe Budden, do u think people take your comments so personally because they are intimidated by you?”

Joe Budden: I think some people may be intimidated. I don’t think the majority of the people are. I think there are more idiots in the world than there are intelligent people. A lit of times I’ll say something and people aren’t able to comprehend what I am saying. I don’t know if their listening skills aren’t good or what, but they just take what I’m saying and misconstrue it.

Ok no one is scared of you bruh ..nobody KNOWS you!. Only underground MC's are aware of your presence and alot of them will sqaush you. This is one from the Ill Community. LESkidd asks, “Do u think u better than Redman?”
Joe Budden: [Laughs] You see what trouble that’s gotten me in. [laughs] Questions like that have gotten me in trouble as of late.
I mean, I would be more than willing to find out [if he’s better than Redman].

No...i dont think you would. First Redman has mad classics and IS known for rough rhymes and a battle-ish type of style. Method Man is not. You do not have enough emotion for one thing. Your delivery sucks. no personality. And last but not least..since you and some other bums are calling MC's that are older than you "OLD" you really want to lose to an MC that is not only from your homestate and gets more love there than you , but a nigga supposedly on his way out??? I dont think you do.

Joe Budden: I don’t think there are too many people that can out-rap me in a battle.

Here are 5- Papoose, Ransom, Scram Jones, Cassidy, Murda Mook ...make that 6-Myself

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