Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joe Buddens is Trash Part 3

Back on HIS B.S. The wrong type of Busta

“Everybody took offense…you name it, they took offense to it,” Budden began. “Number one I’m entitled to my opinion. If a n*gga get offended at me having an opinion, suck a d*ck. Number two, what world are we in? [Are] we not rappers? We all rappers, some bigger than others. But we rap. Let’s rap. I want to rap, I want to always rap.”

You are right you are entitled to your own opinion..and your opinion can suck MY dick!

"I’m dead-ass when I talk. I have faith in my pen game,” Budden exclaimed. “And that’s how it should be. If you’re a rapper, I can’t see how you wouldn’t have the same attitude. If a n*gga said, ‘yo’ Joe Budden, you versus Eminem, whose gonna win?’ I’m going to say Joe Budden. I’m supposed to say it. Even if it’s the furthest thing from reality, you’re supposed to have utmost confidence in yourself and your craft. And if you don’t something is wrong with you.”

This is what hit me the most. You are sending a bad message to the youth. WRONG WRONG WRONG! You sound 10 years old right there. Didnt you see the last episodes of Arsenio and Yo MTV Raps? Didnt you see other MC's spitting other people's joints?? Its call respect! You can still be a hot MC and keep it real that another person is better than you. Since you are on HOV's dick so bad >>>ONE YOURSELF! Hip Hop for those of us who still dont get it has catagories. Do you put Emeniem in the same boat as Nelly?? I know i dont ...How about Nas and Uncle Luke...i know i dont...Some people are showmen, some battle, some hustle, your position. Meth is not even known as a battle dude..So call out someone who DOES battle otherwise your a bitchmade MC. Go at 50 i know he is ready. And i swear i will put up my car (its not hot) , my next check (about 800), all my vinyl (over 4000 pieces), and a plate from Justin's that you cant beat Cassidy!

And here is another piece from DeadlyX my newly found Buddens basher. Dude was funny but he was on point. Check him out on Twitter too.

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