Thursday, January 20, 2011

I like The Game but has "Reality TV" got people looking forward to "too much realness"

I really enjoy watching the TV show The Game. I am very pleased that BET picked them back up. But I want to know why so many people are comparing it to real life? Whatever happened to "Tel-Lie-Vision". It's like some people complained there is nothing on but reality shows and when an actual sitcom comes on they compare it to what they think would happen in real life. I for one got tired of "real" TV. It all looks scripted and fake to me. Especially the ones with the highest ratings. Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Housewives of Atlanta (with their funny looking selves), as well as Idol and Top Model. Working and starving actors and actresses can't get a break for no talent people using their plugs to get shows. Now I hear there is going to be one for MC's girlfriends and wives...C'Mon Son! Seriously what can Jim Jones' GF or Tihary actually do? Nothing. Stand there and look good and thick. I miss acting weather it is good or bad. So i welcome the return of The Game and look foward to new episodes.

Here is a link to a sneak peak from the next episode courtesy of B.E.T:

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